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Dungeon Tileset II - Extended

This 16x16 dungeon tileset is FREE for anyone to use (CC-0)!

This tileset is an extension to Dungeon Tileset II by 0x72. While it is an extension it does include all of the original assets for ease of use.

In addition to the original assets this extension brings the following:


  • 1x Blank floor
  • 1x Plants
  • 1x Sewage Grate
  • 1x Sewage Pipe
  • 8x Ascending Staircase
  • 8x Ascending Carpet Staircase
  • 8x Ascending Torn Carpet Staircase
  • 1x Descending Staircase (Direction Change)
  • 2x Carpet


  • 8x Potion (recolors) (4 small, 4 large)
  • 4x Ascending Staircase
  • 4x Bag
  • 2x Sign Post
  • 2x Key Hole
  • 2x Key
  • 1x Coin
  • 1x Heart Recolor (Pink)
  • 3x Door
  • 1x Ladder
  • 1x Floor Torch (Animated)
  • 1x Wall Torch (Animated, with optional animated glow)
  • 1x Flame (Animated)
  • 1x Unlit Wall Torch
  • 1x Bomb

Additional Files

  • 1x Colour Palette (PNG)
  • 1x Aseprite Tilemap File


Credit is not necessary but you can if you would like! If you make something or extend this with this please share it here (comment with a link)!

If you have a request or suggestion feel free to comment and I might pick it up if I have time! 

- Niji


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dungeontiles-extended v1.1.zip 112 kB
dungeontiles-extended v1.0.zip 49 kB

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Glad these are free, but having a lot of trouble getting individual images for each sprite. Any help would be appreciated!

Much thanks to whomever makes these!

These are great! Although you are missing the crop file of the original pack. I made one for your pack, to be used with the 0x72's python script:


I know I'm very late to this thread but what script are you talking about?

Hi! When I downloaded the pack, it came with a crop script (to separate all the individual sprites into separate files). Idk why the pack doesn't include the script anymore, but I uploaded it here:


lmk if you have any trouble using it <3

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Thanks a TON. I actually haven't used python before and am kind of confused on how to run the script.

Update: I have no clue what I am doing and am not sure why python is claimed to be easier than java. I am super lost. I downloaded Python v3.11 and tried copy and pasting your code but it seems to automatically run it and cause errors. Help would be much appreciated. Even if its just telling me the correct place to run these scripts. Thanks again!

Okay so, the python script you can copy and paste into a txt file, and then change the txt to py. Alternatively, you can download it directly from my link. 

It has 2 uppercase variables, IMG_PATH and TILES_PATH. These are where your image is and where the "crop file" is. Notice how the crop file has no extension. This is because the original file also had no extension. If you want, save the crop file as txt and change the TILE_PATH accordingly. I would recommend keeping the file in the same folder of the python script, for simplicity. The IMG_PATH is the same deal, just change it to match the location (and name) of your image.

You then need to have a folder named frames (see line 15), as the script will store the output there.

Then to run the script! Open the folder where your script is located. In the File Explorer, there's an area with the breadcrumbs that lead to that folder (aka the folder location). You can click on that (the text will turn into Something/Like/This), and replace that text with "cmd", without quotes. This should open the Command Prompt in that folder! Then just write "python your-script-name.py" into it and you should see it output a series of lines. If every one of the lines starts with OK, that means that the script did everything right and your crops are in the frames folder.


thanks very much!!